Year 5 adding decimals

  Year 5 Giraffes have been busy adding decimals this morning.  Working with place value counters helped us to visualise the problem. Setting out the problem with place value counters Adding the hundredths Exchanging 10 hundredths for 1 tenth Recording each step of the calculation on the whiteboard . Adding the tenths and completing the calculation We 


On our BIG QUIZ this morning, the Giraffes have been impressing me again with their recall of the work we have been doing over the past few weeks and even further back too.  The retrieval grid is part of our weekly homework . The  BIG QUIZ is our quick 5-10 minute check-up to see what we can remember from the retrieval grid  .This morning we proved that we can remember A LOT! Well done Giraffes.  

Writing a prequel to The Lost Happy Endings

Giraffes have been exploring the character of the baddie - The Witch - in The Lost Happy Endings , who (spoiler alert!) had a very Unhappy Ending.  She had left some clues which made us think that things had gone wrong in her life and we began to think that maybe she hadn't always been bad.  We decided to write a prequel to the story, so we could tell her tale. The stories are coming to life now and include lots of great writing features  - figurative language , change of voice from narrative to   formal letters in the subjunctive and   1st person  diary entries . They also include  some of our exciting sentences . Well done Giraffes. I'm looking forward to reading your final versions.

The Endings were taken. If I were you, I would read this!

As you know, the Endings were taken, leading to reports of terrified tots and anxious parents across the country.   In role as journalists, the Giraffes are on the hunt for news of the wherabouts of the missing Happy Endings. We have been writing formal newspaper reports, using the subjunctive , passive voice and reported speech.  Were you to spot the fugitive, we would suggest that you do not approach her. 

Hunting down the Lost Happy Endings

As part of their investigation into the disappearance of the Happy Endings , Giraffes created their own Happy Endings to some favourite fairy tales. Can you guess the story behind each freeze frame? If you're struggling, can you match the fairy tale to the correct photo?  Snow White, Hansel and Gretel, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood

Detective time - using inference in guided reading

We are enjoying our Guided reading book Cogheart  by   Peter Bunzl. Today we were looking at c haracterisation through inference.   When we make  inferences  while reading, we're using evidence provided by the author to draw our own logical conclusions. We worked in pairs to answer questions and prove it by giving evidence from the text. Lily The Kraken


Year 6 have started to learn about a new topic in maths:  Ratio. Ratio  tells us how much of one thing there is in relation to another thing. For example, For every 2 apples we have 3 bananas. Here we are exploring ratio practically representing the problem by comparing groups of different colours. These are some of the problems we have been solving.

What can you see, what can you hear?

  We have started a new topic this week and as part of it we went outside and made musical instruments from natural materials. We then rehearsed part of a hymn on them and all played together . Here is the video of us singing and playing our instruments. 

Careers afternoon - BBC Radio 2

 On Wednesday afternoon, Tigers, Leopards and Giraffes had a special opportunity to interview Dan Markham, a Producer at BBC Radio 2. The children had so many questions and were excited to find out about the world of radio and how to get into a career in that area. Dan showed us around the radio studio, talked about the different jobs that people do there and demonstrated some of the technology that they use.

Easter Sunday

  Celebrating Easter Sunday and the resurrection of Jesus , we got into party mode today! Sharing celebratory food, music and games, we had a fun party mornin g. s haring food and enjoying time together. We especially enjoyed our bunny drive! We also shared Easter eggs, as a symbol of the resurrection and new life. We have lots to celebrate after a term where the children have all shown incredible RESILIENCE, DETERMINATION and MOTIVATION  while working online and in school, in such strange circumstances.   I am so proud of the way that Giraffes have embraced the return to school, settling in with their fabulous attitude to learning.  Well done all of you. Have a wonderful Easter holiday.

Good (Holy) Friday

  Giraffes had a very busy morning reflecting on the events of Good Friday. Using music, symbols, words and song, we told the story of the cross.  Watch out for our video...coming soon!

Baking and breaking bread

Remembering the events of Maundy Thursday, we made flatbread yesterday.  We flavoured the bread in a variety of ways using herbs and seeds.  This afternoon, we enjoyed cooking our bread over the fire in the woods.  It was delicious. Just like at the last supper, we enjoyed the fellowship and food.